RTA Furniture Vs. DIY Furniture

Ready-To-Assemble furniture (RTA) is a type of furniture that requires customer assistance for its assembly. It is also popularly known as Flatpack furniture, self-assembly furniture or known down furniture. The furniture consists of different free-standing pieces which are boxed up for the purchase with an assembly instruction manual and hardware. The furniture is generally easy to assemble with basic tools. Since this type of furniture is trouble-free to assemble and knock-down, it can be packed into pressed/compressed flat boxes and can also be moved around anywhere by the users.

Any furniture product which comes in different pieces and components, flat-packed is said to be ready-to-assemble furniture.

At first, this form of furniture was limited to storage and home entertainment products. Nevertheless, presently a large variety of Ready-To-Assemble(RTA) products are obtainable in the market. The products have expanded in terms of weight, dimensions, designs and styling. This furniture can now be found and purchased for numerous purposes like;

  • Living room furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Swing sets
  • Courtyard Sets
  • Kitchen units/cabinets
  • storage racks/units
  • Wardrobes/closets
  • Desks
  • Office furniture
  • Bookcases
  • Tables
  • Beds
  • Lounge-ware

Ready-to-assemble furniture is an easy way to furnish your home and enhance your space. Each piece of this furniture can be arranged and put together in minutes, without any hassle by basic tools. This type of furniture is designed to be more affordable than solid furniture/ fully built furniture which can be unchallenging enough to be assembled at home.

This mainly lowers the labour price of assembly which goes around with ready-built furniture. These furniture products are produced in bulk as it reduces the time for its manufacture than the time it takes to manufacture a single product. This eventually reduces the cost of purchase to the customer.

Ready built furniture products use more space, whereas these RTA packed items take up less space. This makes it, even more, easier for transportation and is much more cost-effective for shipping. Products can be produced in mass and transported at once which saves time and reduces the cost of its delivery.
A single piece or an item can be packed separately. These boxed up products can be effortlessly carried/lifted than a fully built furniture product. It also can fit into most LMV [Light Motor Vehicle] and easily be transported by the customers themselves.

The materials used to create these Ready-to-assemble products are Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), chipboard, metal and solid wood with all fixtures and fittings which are required for its assembly.

  • Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is made of soot/dust with glue and bonded together. This fibreboard is not as strong as the chipboard and can be glossed to give smooth edges and finish.
  • The wood chippings are pressed together and affixed to get a sheet of wood and chipboard is made. This board is covered with laminate for a smoother finish and a variety of colours can be produced. This is much cheaper than solid wood.
  • To a more natural finish, solid wood is used than these cheaper replacements.

Ready-to-assemble furniture can be more stylish and have an impeccable look with innovative designs with great utility after assembly.

These furniture items are customisable in the market today. A wide range of designs, styles, colours and layouts are offered to customers to choose from. All the different pieces of furniture are packed separately, which makes it easier for the customers to pick the right item and combine it with different pieces according to their design and style.

RTA furniture is packed as compact as possible for it to be moved around the space or your house before its assembly. Having to move around a fully built furniture product, for example, a wardrobe can be a hassle most of the time especially when your bedroom is up the stairs. These furniture items can be knocked down/dismantled easily. Also, this furniture can be taken by the users and reassembled if moved into a new house. By assembling the furniture themselves, customers can cut down on expenses.

There are a few drawbacks and precautions of RTA furniture though it has a lot more favourable qualities in the market.

  • Primarily, the customers are required to do the furniture assembly themselves. This can be a challenging task if this isn't something done before.
  • You may need some basic tools along with Allen keys or different tools like screwdrivers and sometimes a drill.
  • Instructions in the manual can be informative and some skimpy. This can be followed by some people and others may find it difficult. Lack of enough guidance may lead to annoyance for the purchasers.
  • Some furniture products are customisable and the chosen item can have several instructions which may be confusing to which item has to be fixed together or put together.
  • Any item which is not assembled accurately can damage the product. This can even break or make the furniture loosened.
  • The customers may need to call the manufacturer directly for assistance as this cannot be done or supported mostly by the regular furniture store helpers.

Ready-to-assemble furniture is easy for transportation, cost-effective and includes numerous benefits. It is easy to fix together the items by successfully following the instructions and keeping watch on each component as per its design.

Do-it-yourself furniture is not similar to Ready-to-assemble furniture. RTA products are free-standing and pre-packed with every single piece to set up the product. Whereas DIY is a different concept altogether.
DIY furniture needs consumers' imagination, creativity and resourcefulness. With this method, users can modify, customize and create products with their innovative ideas and designs.

Self-assembly furniture (RTA) is exceedingly simple and easy to set up and also has its advantages and beneficial qualities. This furniture type can be very appealing and stylish with a vast range of designs which are there in the market today.

So, let's take advantage of this and create our dream home with TADesign RTA furniture. We make happy spaces for your dream home. TADesign products are delivered with assembly elements and an installation diagram included in the box. You can easily install it by following the assembly instructions.


  • RTA furniture’s are very stylish and its an easy way to furnish our home.

  • TADesign Furniture are very helpful, because it doesn’t take much space at home, and even for shifting it is easy to transport because it is Ready to Assemble and it is packed separately through which the cx can pick easily and combine with other pieces and we can fix it by seeing the manual and we can see different types of Design and colours which can be innovative in the home.


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