How to choose a mattress based on your sleep position?

How to choose a mattress based on your sleep position?

There are many factors that influence our decision when buying a mattress. The average lifespan of all types of mattresses is seven years.  When was the last time you checked in on your mattress? leave alone window shopping for one. Buying a mattress can be a hideous task, especially with new technologies and different forms of mattress, it’s easy to sink in the sea of available choices online.

Decision on buying a mattress is not solely based on sleeping position but it also includes factors such as height & weight of a sleeper, ortho aches/issues, bed frame type, edge support, contouring, preferred firmness, noise, warranty and never the less price. Although you might be clear on specific mattress based on reviews from people online and offline, but if it does not complement your sleeping position, you will be full of regret over your purchase.

Let’s walk you through the factors that needs to be considered while investing in your sleep accomplice.


Sleep Positions

  1. Which is your preferred sleep position?

Sleeping position plays a pivotal role in your buying decision. Essentially, there are three most popular sleeping positions or sleeper types and some are a combination of the three types. Your selection of mattress should be inclusive of your sleep position, different sleep position requires different kind of a mattress.

  • Stomach or Tommy sleeper: This sleep position is not recommended by doctors. 7.3 % of the population sleep on their stomach. Sleeping on your stomach does not provide support to your back and your spine is out of alignment, additionally heavy weight stomach sleepers preferring a softer mattress are at a larger risk as your body sinks into the mattress thereby compressing organs in abdominal region inwards straining your spine. Hence a medium firm mattress is ideal for Tommy sleeper. (Tommy sleeper fun fact)
  • Back or Starfish sleeper: Approximately 37 percent of the population sleep on their back. Doctors have claimed this to be the best sleeping position. This is the most common sleep position, your body is well rested as your head, neck and spine are aligned., which is ideal for relieving unwanted pressure. There’s no pressure on your stomach, your back creates a concave shape in your lower back without touching the mattress reducing pain in joints and back. A not to soft cushiony mattress such as latex and memory foam with contouring features are recommended for Back sleepers.
  • Side sleeper or Foetal position: A majority of 54% of the population sleep on their sides, also known as foetal position. This most common position contributes to long term back and joint problems as you spine is gently curved with your arms and legs curled inwards to the body. All forms of side sleeping applies more pressure to your nerves in neck, shoulder and spine areas. A soft to medium firm mattress is recommended for side sleeper. Latex and Hybrid mattress with innerspring as they help in relieving pressure along with body contouring.  Latex and hybrid mattress with innerspring is a brilliant choice for combo sleepers as they provide the right bounce and support, to the frequent turning and tossing of combo sleepers.


Mattress Firmness

  1. What is your preferred firmness in a mattress?

Firmness is a yardstick used in the mattress industry to define how soft or hard a mattress is likely to be. Firmness is perspective and differs from every buyer lens, what may seem medium soft to one buyer would be considered as plush soft for another.

Finding the precise firmness is essential for your peaceful slumber experience. A standard 10 point scale is used to measure the firmness, one being extra soft and ten as extra firm.

Mattress ranging on scale between 1-3 out of 10 are classified as Extra Soft to Soft, range between 4-6 out of ten are classified as Medium Soft to Medium Firm and any range between 7-10 out of 10 are classified as Firm to Extra Firm.

The measurement are not universal, there is no standard fixed scale for measurement, The variables are determined by the manufacturers. A supportive mattress is available across the firmness spectrum need. If convenient we suggest you personally experience the firmness at a nearby store or alternatively reach out to customer care support for help. 

How much do you weigh

  1. How much do you weigh?

If you are wondering how your body weight might affect the choice of your mattress, let us break this down for you.  Weight plays an important role in selecting your mattress and cannot be ignored while replacing one. Your mattress should support your body weight or combined body weight of a couple. Any mattress which doesn’t conform to your weight will not only result in an unpleasant slumber experience but also exposes your mattress to sagging, as a result of not withstanding your body weight.

As a thumb rule people feel heavier when they are asleep or unconscious as their bodies go limp. Limping means the persons weight is imbalanced and constantly shifting. Weight and firmness go hand in hand and your body weight will greatly influences on your choice of firmness. The same mattress is likely to feel softer to a heavier person and firmer to a lighter person since different weight applies different pressure to the sleep surface.

For instance, heavier the body the more you sink into a soft mattress paving way to a disturbed sleep due to lack of support to your spine applying more pressure when compared to a light weight person. Hence a firmer mattress is suggested for heavy weight group and softer mattress for any light weight person.

There are other key factor that you need to be aware of and considered before you conclude which is the best mattress.

Budget: After carefully considering and evaluating the above questions, you will sure have a budget in mind to spend and no matter the ceiling of your budget, you’ll find one that fits yours. Budget friendly mattress are easy available, unfortunately they might not suit your custom needs. Budget Compromising on the quality, your ideal preference for the best fit mattress will put your happy hypnotic sleep at stake for a minimum of seven years. After all, mattress is not a repeat purchase product byitself unlike clothes or any other essentials.

Body temperature: Body temperature differs from person to person. Your body type might be too hot or cold. Every mattress has different layering and structure consisting of different materials. Memory foam traditionally retains more heat, elevating your core body temperature at night and Latex mattress are naturally breathable, close body hugs on latex generally dissipates heat quicky and easily. Innersprings and coil mattress offer more ventilation and virtually filters air through coils. It’s advisable to invest in a mattress has innovative sleep technology such as 3D Airflow and auto temperature regulation.

Bedframe and Bedsize: are equally important to consider before your buy a mattress. It is wise to measure the size of your bed to identify the right fit. The industry has almost every size to offer when it comes to bed compatible size. Any size that does is not listed in the size chart or a buying guide, manufactures willingly tailor your needs and customize the size of a mattress.

Allergies: If you are sensitive to dust mite and allergic to it. It’s an excellent decision to choose any type of mattress that is hypoallergenic to avoid allergies. Since we spend six to eight hours in bed on a mattress, you cannot afford an itchy, sneezy and sleepless night due to allergies.

mattress selection

In conclusion, no theory on mattress can help you decide which one is perfect for your needs, you need to test drive one to identify your best fit at a nearest store or an experience center. For any assistance you can simply reach out to the customer care service, they’ll gladly assist you in your queries. A sound sleep is a blessing and TAD Mattresses are built to Gratify Hypnotic Sleep.


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