Warranty Guidelines & DIY Unboxing Steps

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Rolled & Vacuumed Mattress DIY Unboxing Steps

  1. Move the compressed mattress bag to the room where you'll use it. Note that it's harder to move once unrolled.
  2. Remove and place the compressed mattress from the bag on your sturdy bed frame or foundation.
  3. Look for the end of the clear stretch film wrapped tightly around the mattress. Find a small tab or flap to start pulling the film away.
  4. Hold the tab and carefully remove the stretch film from around the mattress, going all the way around.
  5. Unfold the compressed mattress.
  6. Use scissors or a knife to cut the plastic bag, being extra careful not to cut the mattress fabric. The mattress will start decompressing.
  7. Position the mattress correctly on the bed frame or foundation and let it fully decompress. This can take a few hours to a day, depending on the mattress type.
  8. Once the mattress has fully expanded, make the bed with your sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Remember to take your time and follow the instructions carefully. Enjoy your new mattress!

The warranty peiod for our mattress range is as follows:

Mattress Type
Memory Foam
10 Years
Dual Comfort
5 Years
Cool Sleep
Latex Infused Coir
1 Year
Siesta 100% Latex 12 Years
Siesta Plush 100% Latex 12 Years
Jovian Fortitude Bonnell Spring 10 Years
Stellar Supple Bonnell Spring 10 Years
Ad Astra Pocketed Spring 10 Years
Grandiose Pocketed Spring 10 Years
Empyrean Bonded Foam 10 Years
Glowing Aura Bonnell Spring 5 Years
Ardent Pocketed Spring 5 Years
Morpheus Bonded Foam 5 Years
Spine Align Bonnell Spring 10 Years
Terra Latex Infused Coir 2 Years
Verdant Latex Infused Coir 2 Years

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Care Instructions to add years to the life of your Mattress

 DO's DONT's
  1. Always place the mattress on flat surface.
  2. Before use, remove polythene as it's meant only for protecting the mattress during transit.
  3. We suggest using a liquid resistant sheet for infants, young children or elderly.
  4. Body impressions are normal. Please flip/rotate your mattress every three months.
  5. Sprinkle baking soda (use a sieve to make it easier) generously over your mattress and use a brush to gently scrub the baking soda into the fabric of the mattress. This will help in removing odour too.
  6. Vacuum your mattress regularly to keep it away from dust, mites and bugs if any.
  7. To remove stains, use a gently mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water on any stains you find. Gently dab it on with a towel or rag. Never pour the mixture directly on the mattress.
  8. Always carry a mattress sideways while shifting or moving.
  9. Work the hydrogen peroxide into the fabric for a couple of minutes before you wipe the are off with a dry bag. Allow the area to dry naturally and repeat the process of necessary.
  10. Do ensure the length and breadth of the cot with the mattress to fit in properly.
  1. Do not iron or place any hot object on the mattress.
  2. Avoid spilling liquids on the mattress.
  3. Never bend/fold your mattress.
  4. Avoid placing laptops on the mattress.
  5. Do not smoke on the mattress.
  6. Never place food material on the mattress.
  7. Do not stand/ jump on the mattress.
  8. Do not expose the mattress to direct sunlight.
  9. On receipt of mattress, take off the external cover, let the mattress aerate.
  10. Avoid slatted base (bed) gaps.
  11. Keep your mattress away from sharp objects like knives, fork, nails etc.
  12. We suggest you use TAD protector to protect your mattress from moisture, seepage, liquid spills, spots etc.
  13. Avoid exposure to excessive moisture, humidity, temperature or other external environmental conditions.
  14. Clean your mattress with care. Do not use any detergents to clean your mattress.
  15. Do hot light a matchstick on the mattress

Period of Mattress Warranty: (Pro rata warranty benefits during the warranty period only)

  • Mattress shrinkage, deformity or sagging of more than one inch.
  • Undulations on the mattress surface or splits in the foam material.
  • Specification varies from model to model. Tolerance: Length or Width: 12mm, Thickness: +15 mm — 5 mm.
  • TADesign will bear only the cost resulting from repair or replacement of defective springs for the first year exclusive of the transportation cost.
  • If repairing is required, then transportation and repairing cost will be charges as per actual from the customer after the first year of warranty period. If replacement is required pro-rated charges will be applied.
  • TADesign's decision regarding the nature of the defects and applicability of the warranty will be final.
  • TADesign will not be liable for any consequential damages, and under no circumstances shall its liability hereunder exceed the price for goods determined to be defective.


The warranty on mattress does NOT cover the items such as, but not limited to

  • Folding of mattress.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Normal softening / sagging that is less than one inch.
  • Damage of mattress due to improper maintenance, misuse and abuse.
  • Mattress Fabric and foam staining, soiling, fluid penetration, tears or burns, damage due to heat/iron, bead bugs, threads protruding out are not covered.
  • Use of mattress on a bed base that was structurally not capable of handling the mattress.
  • Mattress covers only the physical defects in a Mattress but comfort preference like Back/Body pain, Hard/Soft feelings etc is not a part of warranty.
  • Unauthorized service during the warranty period. Any product with stains, soiling or burns, odours, piling of fabric from washing.
  • Pillows and comforters that have been washed.
  • Comforters used without a duvet cover.
  • Shrinking of materials.
  • Other possibilities not mentioned in this warranty.
  • Products bought from unauthorized dealer of TADesign.


Steps for warranty claim handling

  • Submit proof of problem to TADesign customer support along with invoice and warranty card copy.
  • TADesign will have a confirmation call and arrange for pick up from your location at no cost to you.
  • TADesign to inspect the received product & confirm on claim status.
  • TADesign to repair mattress or provide replacement if repair not possible.
  • TADesign will ship the mattress back free of cost.



  • The company has all rights to discontinue manufacturing of products without any prior notice or intimation.
  • The company has the right to rework/ repair/ replace only the defective part of the product.
  • No warranty on upholstery, covering & cushions cover's.